About Us


At STS Defence, we recognise that both the quality of the organisation and its output is important to our customers, so it is essential that we work within the stringent quality standards which our customers demand.

STS Defence is ISO9001/AS9100 accredited, and was the first company in Europe to gain NADCAP certification for both AC7120 (Circuit card assembly), and AC7121 (Cable and Harness).

We have a dedicated Quality department that acts as a focal point for quality control, company accreditation and customer issues. Our quality performance is measured and reviewed in accordance with the ISO9001/AS9100 quality management system, with our customers having a direct route to the quality department and a “quality first” culture is promoted among our employees.

As part of the continual improvement ethos embedded in the culture of the company, we use Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to closely monitor such things as on-time delivery, quality, supplier performance and process performance.

We believe that open and clear communication with customers is key to the success of any programme and that demonstrating a clear understanding of realistic planning and effective corrective action processes are all key factors to achieve the required results. By developing long-term working relationships, performance expectations and measures can be openly discussed.

A lean-principled 5S approach has been adopted to allow monitoring of the efficiency of the business and to help staff to maintain the highest levels of organisation. Using value stream mapping, processes are consistently being standardised, reviewed, mapped and analysed. The results of the analyses are used to drive waste out of all processes.

STS Defence ensures that it maintains full control over its supply chain through continuous evaluation of suppliers and sub-contractors, clear requirements and the confirmation of product acceptability. Where possible, products are only purchased from sources approved by the Company or Customer.

STS Defence is a member of the Component Obsolescence Group (COG) which aims to manage and flow-down long-term lead times, last-time-buys and obsolescence.

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